Holiday Ejaculations

Holiday disappointment is now more affordable than ever! Buy one copy of Carson Cistulli’s new book at regular price ($9.00) and receive additional copies for not as much as that ($6.00 per).

Please note: Prices include shipping within the United States. For shipping outside of the USA, please email Mitzvah Chaps before purchasing.

Carson Over Cover

Purchase a solitary Spirited Ejaculation.

Purchase 2x Spirited Ejaculations. ($15.00 USD)

Purchase 3x Spirited Ejaculations. ($21.00 USD)

Purchase 4x Spirited Ejaculations. ($27.00 USD)

If you wish to purchase more than four copies of Mr. Cistulli’s Spirited Ejaculations please consult a physician immediately and/or sober up, ya doofus! If you then still wish to purchase more than four copies, please email Mitzvah Chaps and something can be arranged.